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Hello, I'm Bobby Barr A modern business growth strategist that gets results for my clients. I’m your partner in business growth with over 34 years of real-world experience. I’ve helped my clients solve problems, maximize resources, and build a thriving business. I leverage this expertise and use it to bring growth to your business. My mission is to clarify what needs to get done and give every business the accountability to make sure you do it. I can help business leaders eliminate overwhelm, get more focused, do more, understand creating growth systems, and leverage digital marketing effectively. I give you the tools and support you’ll need to get real results. I can help you create business growth strategies that beat up poor performance through a new approach to building a business in the digital information age. For growth to be effective, it must be sustainable and focused on the long-term. I can help you develop a strategy for mastering business growth that actually works. My mission is to help businesses understand the key principles of growing a business through strategy. “Only 40% of small businesses are profitable.” Your Next Level of Growth Happens With the Right Strategy. I’m your partner in business growth now and in the future. Creating a solid growth strategy is a business’s most powerful asset. Growth is fully harnessed and on the path to more profits. Too many businesses end up chasing the latest shiny object instead of what actually builds their business. This path takes them farther from their goals. Creating growth isn’t just about technology, to-do lists, or the latest “hot” tactics you’re told will lead to more revenue. It’s not how to build a thriving business. Growth happens with clarity, strong goals, a clear vision, and a solid strategy. You leave room for the possibilities for growth. There’s a better way to build a business and a better strategy. There’s a way to build a flexible business and leads to consistent growth — that’s what I want to teach you. Business Growth Strategy Builds Businesses It provides targeted results. It’s effective because of how targeted it can be. You can target specific demographics, regions, and customer avatars based on buying habits. You can reach who best fits your business. It’s the future of growth. We live in a digital world. Everything we consume is either on our phones, tablets, or computers. It converts. Business growth strategy is about more than generating leads that waste your time. It can help you convert them into paying consumers. With the strategy and systems, you’ll grow your customer base. Build your brand’s reputation. The business growth strategy will help grow your brand recognition. With blogs, content, social media, press (and more), you’ll be able to build credibility with your potential customers. To work with me, please visit

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Tuesday Jun 08, 2021

To perfect your personal and business growth, emulate the successful strategies of industry giants Like Google, Amazon, Uber, Paypal, Tesla and more. By Bobby Barr Halifax West Yorkshire UK Business & Digital Marketing Growth Strategist. 
Article source Entrepreneur

Friday May 14, 2021

Bobby Barr talks about a personal story of being diagnosed with bells palsy where the doctor described it as hitting the wall or burnout.
Use the mindset shifts described to stop you from making the same mistakes I did.
Original Article Published in Addicted2Success 
Bobby Barr Growth Website

Tuesday May 11, 2021

Halifax Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr Discusses How Anyone Can avoid the day to day excuse-making and take immediate action.
Learn More About Bobby Barr
Live Article Here - Addicted2Success Author Bobby Barr

Tuesday Mar 23, 2021

Halifax Digital Business Growth Strategist Bobby Barr Of Bobby Barr Media describes how to create a valued "Power Of Leverage" Offering For Your Business.

Thursday Mar 18, 2021

Leaders In Business Should Use The 3Fs Theory Formula To Guide Them. Catering for all personalities can be the key to leadership qualities.
It’s not always a one size fits all that works the best. By Bobby Barr

Friday Feb 19, 2021

If you want something to happen, you have to do something about it.
There are five self-promises that can lead to explosive growth in your business and a super-charged life. Set these goals and do something about them right now. 
This article Initially appeared On Thrive Global   
By Bobby Barr

Friday Feb 19, 2021

Bobby Barr Helps Businesses Grow using current Strategies That Work.
This article initially appeared on The Good Men Project - ARTICLE LINK
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